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  1. Customer can book their choicest plot on “First come first serve” basis on availability of plots.
  2. Customers are to apply for the plot on a company  prescribed form along with a copy of passport sized photograph and 10,000/- (Ten thousand)  booking money for each katha. Also a passport sized photograph of the nominee will have to be enclosed with the application form.
  3. Price of the plot shall be determined according to the company specified pricelist. Company reserves the right to change the price list at any time. However, once the plot is booked by the company determined price the company will not change the price in future.
  4. Company will sign the agreement with the customer only after the total payment is made and or in case of 30% down payment of the total price is paid.
  5. All payments are to be made to FAIRDEAL PROPERTIES LTD. in cheque / Cash / Bank / Draft / Pay-order only .
  6. Non-Resident Bangladeshi customers can pay the same amount in foreign currencies in the form of Cheque/T.T/Bank Draft etc.
  7. In case of installments 20% down payment of the total payable amount shall have to be paid within 1 (One) month of booking. The rest amount can be paid according to the agreement in 60/72 monthly installment
  8. The main connections of Water, Electricity, Gas, Sewerage and Telephone lines will be installed at the project by company initiation following the government rules. Customer will bear all related cost according to per Katha price determined by the company. Each customer shall bear the cost of getting and installing the connections mentioned above from the main line to their own plot.
  9. The plot shall be handed over to the owners once the project development process is completed and all payments according to the agreement are paid.
  10. The registration process shall be completed immediately after handover of plots.
  11. Strong security measures to be taken by the company against service charge.
  12. Customer shall bear all the expenditures related to plot registry and transfer including non-judicial stamp duty, registration fee, gain tax, VAT, documentation charge and all other related expenses.
  13. “FAIRDEAL PROPERTIES LIMITED WELFARE SOCIETY” will be formed for Social Development Activities of the project area, once the plots are handed over to its owners. All owners shall become the member of the society. There will be a welfare fund to be formed by the society for related expenditure and all shall have to deposit subscription determined by the committee.
  14. Plot that is allocated for the owners name shall have to be used for the specific purpose mentioned in the applications form. All sorts of development works in the plot shall have to be done according to the government rules and regulations.
  15. Price shall have to be adjusted in case of increasing or decreasing the plot & home size according of the project.
  16. The customer has to consider delaying in handover of the plot for greater interest, if any natural political disruptions arise.
  17. If the customer fails to pay the installment money within the time limit 10 remain for 3 (Three) months only. And subsequently of paying total dues within 3 (three) months time, the plot liable to be cancelled automatically.
  18. In case of changing the name of plot ownership after plot booking, than an extra fee shall have to be charged according to the company’s rule.
  19. If the applicant, for some reason disagrees to purchase plot even after booking is confirmed and wants the paid amount back by cancellation of booking, then he/she shall submit a written application according the company rules.
  20. Company reserves the right to amend, change, expansion of any sort to the company proposed layout plan due to unavoidable circumstance. In such cases of change and expansion of layout plans the shapes, size and locations of the plots may also b e changed as well. In that case, the pricing will be adjusted with the pre-fixed price of the plot and no complaints from both company and customer should be raised.